Track By Tracks: RESIDUAL SELF - Revenge (2021)

1. Hex of Rex:

Hex of Rex is where the album begins. Introducing Rex as well as the album’s thematic overlay of Dark and Seductive Magicks. Heavy and aggressive, it gets right in your face. This song lays the foundation for you to experience this true Hex of Revenge.

2. Mistress of Pain:

Mistress of Pain is about what every soul of lust is after, and she knows it. Using her charms, she dominates those infatuated with her. She feeds off the pain of the flesh and pain of the mind. Now caught in her web, you’re in too deep. The realization comes… you’re the demon’s prey. Let the guitar licks guide you, as you heed the warnings of Rex. Scream out her name, and we’ll curse her in shame.

3. Thief of Hope:

Thief of Hope is the only song on the album outside of a standard 4/4 time signature. A driving force inspired by secret societies, medieval times and the shanties of olde. Power is what it’s all about! The one absolute that takes good men, and turns them cruel. Listen to the ravings of a mad shadow king, controlling all the world and his descent into darkness. There is no hope here.

4. Creatures:

Come, Creatures! There’s a different side hidden in us all, scratching at the surface. Some give in to these primal inhibitions, while others try to hold the creature back. The person you see, might change after dark. Residual Self hammers away all together with elements of thrash and punk.

5. Body and Bones:

The song starts off quite somber with only a guitar and Rex’s vocal introduction. You feel the loss and the emptiness, that is until the rage rises with the rest of Residual Self. The verses rhyme as a spell giving you the full picture. What would you do to bring a loved one back from back from the dead? What lengths would you go to? Would you lose yourself in the process? There’s a reason resurrection is seen as taboo.

6. Dark Ascension:

Slow, Deep, and Hard the darkness drains. It’s at hand, the end of days is near. Residual Self carries you through with their longest jam with the additions of a string/horn section.

7. Beast King:

The guitar starts this track off as the drums begin to boom and reverberate. Rex grows and snarls his prophecy of the Anti-Christ. Abandoned to be raised by beast, he claws his way to the top. The leads and solos paired with the rest of Residual Self makes this song a true force that will bring you to your knees, you shall kneel before the might of the Beast King.

8. Damaged:

Striking hard with a stop and go riff as the toms of the drums power us through. The ones looked down on will rise up and take over. Damaged we shall belt to the heavens, embracing the fact that we’re different.

9. Queen Fiend:

With heavy influence of the Nu-Metal movement. Residual Self paired with a DJ have crafted Queen Fiend. Rumors of her spread, lies and deceit had pushed everyone away. Rather than break, she embraced these. Queen Fiend has taken the power, no one can hurt her. Nothing can phase her. It’s her turn to deal out the punishments and have her revenge.

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