Track By Tracks: My Beautiful Suicide - Singles (2021)

1. The Reckoning:

This song is about overcoming the hardships that beat you down; rising up and overcoming obstacles and whatever may have happened, but from an aggressive standpoint. Sometimes we have to fight back aggressively instead of simply standing our ground.

2. Covered in Holes:

This song is an ode to the constant narcissism that has become prevalent in society. I watched 2 girls try and get the perfect pose for a selfie for over 20 minutes one day and when I got home the lyrics just flowed. The problem with social media is that now everyone thinks they are important and their opinion matters and that everyone else should listen to them. You spend so much time trying to portray yourself in a way that you lose yourself in the process.

3. Disruptor:

Being that this is a concept album this track comes after a pivotal point in the story that’s being told. The best way I would describe it as a moment of reflection and how pointless our actions can be when we do them in anger, and the regret and consequences we now have to deal with.

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