Track By Tracks: Necralant - Temples Of Ruin (2021)

1. Serpent's Return:

Serpent’s Return is the song that we chose as the single that was released a few weeks before the album came out. | felt that it best represented the album as a whole. It covers a variety of rhythms and styles, from blast beats, slow melodic parts, death metal-esque riffing and a clean outro.

2. Cursed Visions:

Cursed Visions is one of the fan favorites from the album. It features a lot of dark, melodic lead parts and a very creepy atmosphere throughout the song. The lyrics tell a story of horrific visions and blood rituals.

3. The Procession:

The Procession is a slow and heavy track that also builds a very dark atmosphere, to correspond with the lyrics about occultism and magick. This song was spawned from the energies and feelings that | got after researching Aleister Crowley and related teachings.

4. Dwell Within:

Dwell Within the Flesh is another fan favorite. You could say it’s the most progressive, as it goes into an extended instrumental section and bridge towards the end of the song. Overall it is a strong, mostly blast beat driven song that even features death growls in the chorus.

5. Diabolic Conception:

Diabolic Conception starts out with a clean guitar intro, and goes into a slow, heavy build up before it kicks into the death metal style main riff and verses. It is the only track to feature a real guitar solo. The lyrics follow the story of dark powers becoming present and influencing lives.

6. As We Wander:

As We Wander is the instrumental track on the album. It is a somewhat melancholic but powerful sounding song that is in the style of mid-tempo, old school black metal.

7. Temples Of Ruin:

Temples of Ruin is the title track and the closer. It incorporates more of a trash style riff at some points in the song and features a breakdown that always gets heads banging. The song ends abruptly after a brief drum highlight, which has gotten many positive comments from fans. It is a strong way to end the album.

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