Behind The Artworks: Angoixa - Distopia Digital (2021)

The artist of the cover is Daniel Alarcón, a friend of the band who has been dedicating himself to illustration for many years and although we had some other option in mind, in the end, we gave him some ideas and he started working. We wanted to reflect the decadence to which we are subjected by spending a lot of time in front of a screen as if that world were the only real one.

At first, the main character was surrounded by other characters with whom we wanted to represent the sins that are on the internet and on social networks but when we saw the first sketches we did not like the idea too much. We decided then to encompass everything in a monstrous being with tentacles, floating eyes and claws emerging from a dimensional portal and manipulating our friend's brain.

When we received the finished cover we couldn't be more happy and satisfied. A great work of art full of impressive details.

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