Track By Tracks: Angoixa - Distopia Digital (2021)

1. Desolació (Desolation):

We started writing this song after recording our previous album and we wanted it to be different. The order of the album is the chronological order of creation.

By having all the structure made, the letter arose seeing the misfortunes that plague our world and how wars take away the dignity of people. We criticize the uncontrolled destruction that ravages entire towns, cities and countries. It is a cry for help but at the same time a call for these things to stop happening.

2. La crisàlide (The Chrysalis):

This was the next one we wrote (and so on) and we wanted to mix very fast parts with slower ones, with approaches to doom metal and we got a solid song that goes through several musical passages creating a good atmospheric tension.

The lyrics talk about a creature in the shape of a chrysalis that is born in the middle of a dense forest and after its liberation, all its hosts pounce on every living being, bringing darkness to that environment, being an infinite cycle. More or less how we humans behave.

3. Regne de sang (Kingdom of Blood):

The idea of making an epic song came up in our minds and this is how this work was born. Made from scratch and between all of them it grew little by little until reaching the idea of the lyrics. This narrates the life of a king (well, almost every king) who cannot maintain peace in his kingdom and ends up succumbing and dying at the hands of his lackeys. A kingdom full of lies and corruption. Does it sound like something to you?

4. Els oblidats (The Forgotten):

Immigration is a big problem and every year many lives are taken ahead, especially in the Mediterranean Sea, all the people fleeing from wars and oppression from various countries in the north and center of Africa and other parts. So we try to tell stories that hide behind these totally desperate people in a dark song but with a hint of light.

5. Monstres (Monsters):

Repression by the forces of order and our security, sometimes, is exceeded against the population. After a rather disastrous chapter in the city of Barcelona, this song was composed and written. It is a battle between police and the population. Everything you can find is reflected in both the music and the lyrics. Pure adrenaline.

6. Distopia digital (Digital Dystopia):

It is the song that gives the album its title and offers a vision of all this technological maelstrom that overwhelms us in our present. Screens on all sides dictate our tastes, our way of buying, of feeling, our entire life, and we do not realize that we are falling into a deep and dark abyss.

7. La presó dels pensaments (The Prison of Thoughts):

They can never lock our thoughts in a prison and we will not succumb to the orders of those who rule.

The conviction and the way of seeing life is unique in each one of us and no matter how much the oppressive hammer falls on us, it will not be able to bend us and make us change our way of thinking. This is reflected in the lyrics of this song in a roller coaster of emotions.

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