Behind The Tracks: Tarah Who? - Push Me (Single) (2022)

We are really excited to release the music video for 'Push Me'. Coco, Alex Ocha (DP), Javier Caudillo ( Director) and I met to brainstorm. I had a very specific idea and colors I wanted to use in mind. Javier invited us over, cooked some delicious Mexican food and there we were, coming up with a bunch of scenarios. " Plan A, Yur Mum can make it to the LA, so let's do this storyline!, Plan B, They can't make it so how do we still have a fun video with them in it!" Yur Mum is based in the UK and the borders were actually closed at the time we were brainstorming. There were just headlines that "sometime in November" people were going to be able to travel again. Until Ani and Fabio landed and went through customs, I was still preparing myself for an eventuality that something might happen!

We had a two-day shoot. One of the locations did not advertise its property correctly. So we did have to improvise anyway! While this could have been really stressful, we had such a wonderful crew and everyone worked and participated to make this happen. It was fun, all the shots were just one takes, it was all very spontaneous and I wouldn't change anything at all. We left the set with great memories, and I am so happy about what we all have accomplished! We can't wait to share the video and hopefully, you will enjoy it as much as we do!

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