Track By Tracks: MESSORA - Forever As I Beg (2021)

1. Forever as I Beg:

This song really came about accidentally, as many good ideas tend to. The chord progression from the beginning just came to me, and the vocal melody quickly after. I tried to shelve the song because I was still working on finishing up The Door at the time, but I couldn’t get it out of my head and I kept revisiting it and adding elements gradually. Once The Door was released I focused my efforts on finishing Forever, having in mind that it would be a standalone non-album single. I find that it feels complete on its own, it would be weird to have it as part of a larger collection of songs. The lyrics are basically about being in a self-destructive cycle, an idea that was explored on The Door as well. There are two perspectives to the lyrics but they’re both supposed to be the same character, given that they’re both the abuser and the abused. You can feel drained, tormented, and beaten when letting your vices dictate your life, without even realizing what you’re doing to yourself.

2. Closer:

Classic Nine Inch Nails banger. I, unfortunately, don’t have a deep explanation for this track given that it’s not my song. I really wanted to get a crowd of people screaming “I wanna fuck you like an animal”, so the original goal was to play this song live. I was so happy with the way I altered it that I wanted to record it and include it with Forever. It retains enough key musical elements that it remains recognizably Closer, but most of the riffs are new and deviate from the original.

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