Behind The Artworks: HEX - Behold The Unlighted (2022)

The artwork itself symbolizes the rejection of light or to the divine enlightenment. It’s about a godforsaken place, a location where there is no place for false hopes nor illusions, where the ‘light at the end of the corridor’ sentence makes no sense in a domain of harsh reality.

The contempt for light sources had to be present as a starting point. So, based on this premise, was quite evident that somebody without face or masked should have to appear on that scene. Kinda someone in which you can relate/identify to. Just an entity, turning his back to the faith, hope, and those beliefs with which you have been brought up without any choice. No matter what religion or God you worship to, their main goal, without exception is to lure you, to keep yourself on an irreal illusion or state. They call it ‘faith’ and is nothing more than a bottomless pit or a black hole, adorned with flamboyant/celestial lights, that needs to swallow all that to its very existence, their miserable raison d'être.

As always, the artwork was made by our lead guitar player and main songwriter, Adolfo WB ( Warbanner Studio ).

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