Track By Tracks: HEX - Behold The Unlighted (2022)

1. As darkness descends upon you:

When we finished the writing process and we were planning to enter the studio, we were only thinking to record just only the songs. However, Ekaitz told us that he could add a piano prelude to it, and sincerely it was a great idea. It starts the EP as it should, calmly towards darkness. The development of the song is quite linear, starting mid-tempo with double bass drumming, doubling the tempo later to reach heavy doomy parts. This song has the doomiest parts in all the EP, dark summonings to our deepest feelings.

2. Impending doom towards darkness:

In terms of dynamics, this song is faster than the first one. It starts with a catchy and fast double bass drumming followed by the always tight and detailed execution behind the drums by Rober. However, this doesn't mean that there is no gap for slower and more atmospheric riffs. It is worth mentioning that the bass riff in this slower part was composed in the rehearsal room taking into account the different opinions of the band members. However, the recorded bassline was finally arranged in the studio mixing different ideas in a single riff. In the end, it is a song that combines slow and faster parts with appropriate equilibrium. We thought about inviting Ekaitz as well to add some vocals, so we decide to make it happen in this track. He sang like a fucking mammoth on steroids on this song’s chorus, it was damn good!

3 .…and thus spoke darkness:

It’s the last song of the EP and the longest one. It was composed taking wrath and anger as a basis, but sorrow and pain were also present. These last are captured in the soft and melodic parts in the middle of the track. The recording of this track took almost half of the time we spent in the studio. Technically speaking, its execution could be the most difficult of the three songs recorded. Besides, it was the last one to record, so we get so exhausted at that moment. The Spanish guitar riffs were composed by Ekaitz Garmendia after the entire material was mixed. With his taste and comprehension of HEX’s sound, he managed to compose an arrangement that fits perfectly with the track's atmosphere.

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