Behind The Artworks: Moonshade - Blood Of The Titans (2022)

Made by Credo Quia Absurdum, the album artwork is pretty straightforward: we see a figure, that represents Man, literally setting the skies ablaze, under a gigantic moon, for obvious reasons. The symbolism of it, however, goes much deeper. For us, to set the skies ablaze is to literally shatter the imaginary boundaries of primitive superstition, the so called "firmament", so called by those who believed the Earth was flat and the sky was a giant dome. By destroying the firmament - gods, religion, superstition, ignorance in general - you can clearly see the cosmos, the vastness of the Universe, where our future lies, beyond the stars. Science, knowledge and truth will allow us to become superhumans, Titans, if you will, until we eventually morph into the gods that we once worshipped.

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