Track By Tracks: Moonshade - Blood Of The Titans (2022)

1. Epitaph:

Around 2050, the direct effects of global warming will be irreversible. By then, a quarter-million people will perish yearly as a direct consequence. Yet, there is still time. We are incredibly proud to share this song with you, hoping that you will share it, and its message, with the world. It is a demand for protest, make your leaders know your vote depends on their grasp on carbon emissions. Vote, get informed, and support political associations with a true climate agenda based on the current scientific consensus, and finally, rise above this fate most dire we forged for ourselves.

Otherwise, consider this song Mankind's 'Epitaph'.

2. Blood Of The Titans:

The song speaks about the mythological figures of Sisyphus and Prometheus. For his sins and selfishness, Sisyphus was condemned to push a gigantic boulder up one of the steep hills of Tartarus, only for the rock to fall down, and him to start all over again, ad aeternum. A futile, kafkaesque task. There is a selfish, self-serving factor to the Sisyphean myth. Then there was Prometheus, the great titan god of Fire. This second trickster figure also defied the gods, albeit with a completely different intent. By stealing fire from Olympos and giving it to Humanity, he is credited with the creation of technology, knowledge, science, art, and civilization. When Zeus came to know about Prometheus’ treachery, he was also damned to eternal suffering.

We are all doomed, in the end. In our case, doomed not to eternal torture, but to the deafening silence of the great void. This being said, how do you want to live your life? And more importantly, how should we, as a species, conduct this great experiment that is Man? Do we want to live selfishly, focused on our own happiness above all else, mindlessly hoarding and relishing in earthly possessions which will soon come to mean nothing when we pass? Or do we want to spend our lives using the titan’s gift for contributing to a brighter future that we will not get to see?

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