Track By Tracks: Matianak - Compilación De Insaniam (2022)

1. Tumba noxus:

(Tumba means tomb in Spanish and noxus is a fantasy location in a video game that doesn't exist in real life which both words combined together sounds like the band I am talking about regarding below)

This song is dedicated to a band that accused the vocalist of rumors they heard and that supposedly she was mocking them and their "beliefs" in the band and got us off a gig that we were supposed to be opening for. They were a satanic band which we are not at all. We never met this band nor we ever had any intentions of that sort and Since they could not confront us face to face besides screenshots of their messages send to me by mutual friends instead we made a song dedicated to the cowards and showing that no matter what nothing will stop her from pushing the band forward regardless if they see the vocalist as a threat or not and it's a blow a raspberry to them. Enjoy!

2. Psychedelic Insanity:

Psychedelic insanity Lyrics are about the documentary Unit of Difficult Patients: What Future for the Criminally Insane?

About feeling and living in the shoes of difficult patients in a psychiatric hospital. We take you behind the doors of the facility that takes care of the most dangerous patients suffering from heavy mental disorders needing 24 hours surveillance. TRUE STORY!

3. A Haunting Testimony:

A haunting testimony Lyrics are about the paranormal activity experiences of the vocalist as a young child. True Story!

Grandma was found floating, shadows approaching, demonic faces, voices, very dark entities, trolls, and bazaar things happening at her old house growing up.

4. Black River Falls:

Black river falls Lyrics are about the tragedy and disturbing events that happened in the late 1800s in Black River Falls, WI. TRUE STORY!

5. Delusional Obsession:

Delusional obsession Lyrics are about obsessed stalkers from personal experiences and real-life victims of the most deadliest dangerous stalkers ever documented. There are many documentaries and "Dark Desires" is one to watch. All true stories.

6. Homicidal Offering:

Homicidal offering Lyrics are about the tragedy of a woman looking for baby clothes for her unborn child in Craiglist. When she appeared at the location for free baby clothes she was stabbed in her womb and the baby was pulld out. The baby was alive but then died from brain injury. The remains was put in a bin of the mother. There is also several cases of other pregnant woman that also had similar situation of their death. True Story!

7. Ceremonial Blood Ritual:

Ceremonial blood ritual-About a teacher from Florida convincing her students to do rituals and have them burn themselves and cut themselves to release their sins. True Story!

8. Voodoo Possession:

Voodoo possession - About "The lonely hearts" serial killer couple from the 1940's

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