Band Biographies: Elf Queen

In November of 2021, LA based Heathen rock band Elf Queen had just released their debut album "Glory to the Brave". At the same time, Hauk Heimdallsman, guitarist and songwriter, was in the hospital, holding his fiance Josies hand while she passed away. Grief is an all-encompassing part of the human experience, and Hauk threw himself into writing a work to honor his lost love. Using his own retelling of the Norse Eddic poems Voluspa, Havamal, Voluspa en Skamma, and Hrafnagaldur Odins, Hauk composed a Heathen Requiem that tells the story of Odin seeking answers from the Seeress after the death of His own son Baldur. Featuring the soaring vocals of the Elf Queen Kelsey, and solo violin, viola, flute, and oboe, the Requiem weaves equal parts classical art music, skaldic poetry, and hard rock/metal into a complex journey of grief, life, death, magic, and beyond.

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