Track By Tracks: Leaving Eden - As Above So Below (2022)

1. Jack Hammer:

Well for this song nobody likes to get told what to do and it seems like that’s what’s been happening over the last few years. We’re all adults here. I think we’re smart enough to make our own decisions. When we say the word “War” I must be clear, it doesn’t represent violence in any way shape or form, it simply means “stand up for yourself, use your words, stand up against oppression by speaking your mind.

2. Working Class Hero:

Very strangely, believe it or not, I felt this overwhelming feeling to record this song with a full band as the only version I found was just John Lennon and his acoustic guitar. I kept hearing John Lennon on TV, on the radio etc. I’ve always felt that if you are open as an artist and willing that maybe people that have passed on can work through you as a conduit. I believe they look for open vessels so to speak. After we recorded the song, wouldn't you know I happened to see an interview by John Lennon and I’m paraphrasing here, but they actually asked him where the songs come from and he said that he thinks he gets them from people who have passed away and that he’s open to them? I think this song is also apropos.

Working Class Hero by John Lennon covered by Leaving Eden

3. As Above So Below:

The title track. This represents what happens above happens here. It hints of the parallel universe, migrating to a different plain yet the same in most aspects. You may not be able to really tell the difference.


The song “Green” has already hit the top 200 billboard charts. Here is a video link to our single off of the album titled “Green”

It’s a little heavy and has some great harmony and melody. I feel like it’s got a good vibe and a great beat. Quick note; titled “Green” because of the lyric line “and the sky turned green in the distance of a dream“. I wasn’t sure why I was writing that when I did but then I noticed somewhere in the country the skies were green. So a little bit prophetic you could say.

5. Forbidden Fruit:

Love The organ in this one. This song asks the question What if? What if your conscience was shaken, life‘s not what it seems? What if I told you it’s all been staged? What if you’ve broken through all the lies could you see right through me with your crystal eyes? A double entendre there, a crystal ball looking through the eyes. It’s a big fuck you to anybody who has a deplorable agenda. So fuck you and your rules. Love the music in this one as well.

5. Dying In a Living Hell:

I like the song “Dying in a Living Hell”

Just love how heavy it is and Eve’s vocals are so cool! I really love all aspects of it: the drums, the keys, the bass guitars, everything.

It’s pretty much hell down here on earth and as we all try and be healthy, physically fit, and have a strong mind, we’re all dying slowly from the day we were born. We ask, who can we trust, and what about the decisions that we make? For every action, there is a reaction. I guess we really gotta open our minds and look at the big picture all around not just with blinders on.


We like to add a party song on our albums for those jokers, smokers, and midnight tokers. I think this is the fifth album that we’ve added one of these songs. Enough said.

7. The Brighter Side of Life:

This song represents The brighter side of life. Sometimes it’s not always dark. There is some light if you know where to look. So we are looking.

8. The Dark Dead of The Night:

When we were recording our album, I have a lot of songs that I’ve written in the past and we tend to use some of those songs for our new albums and these songs have never been formally released. I was amazed when I found The Dark Dead of The Night because it’s the only song I do not remember writing or originally recording. I found it in my trove of songs really just by chance. I had a scratch recording of me and the piano. This song has a call and response between myself and Eve vocally. Asking for forgiveness and saying I’m only human after all.

9. You Won’t Break Me:

I love the baseline in this song. Though you may try you will never break me. Where is all the love? It's the only way. The forces uncontrolled try and steal your life and destroy your soul.

10. Working Class Hero Unplugged

This is the same John Lennon song except its just acoustic guitar with some piano and strings.

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