Behind The Artworks: Diabolical Raw - Elegy Of Fire Dusk (2022)

Before the Artwork creation process begins, we are waiting for the song composition process to be completely finished and the pre-records to be completed in order to share our songs with the people with whom we are working on the album. It is very important for us that the person who will make the Artwork listens to our songs and starts the creation process accordingly. We had a lot of names in mind about who would do the work, after a few failed attempts we agreed with Mukadder Karaoglan (We call her Muko), the person who understood us best. We write all the lyrics on a concept theme that we chose. Like a story, the album has intro, development and conclusion(end) parts. The theme of the lyrics of Elegy Of Fire Dusk album Ancient Central Asian Turkish Mythology. This subject is very detailed, research can take years. This was something we were already familiar with. After determining the concept theme, I did a long research. I studied History, Mythology and even legends and epic tales. And after this long process, I wrote a short story around a female character named Kaygun and wrote all the lyrics in parallel with the progression of this short story. There are many exciting details in this story, such as shocking conflicts, the underworld, evil spirits, Gods, legendary warriors, bloody wars. and finally we shared both the full songs and this short story with Muko. Muko worked for a long time on the materials. Most of the story took place underground and at the end of the story, even if the place where the great war takes place is on earth, the sun is completely trapped in darkness by The underworld king Erlik. That's why we wanted the Artwork to be pale and cold colors, frankly that was the only detail we specified and the rest was done by Muko with her magnificent creativity completed. We left Muko free to work on any part of the story she wanted and She chose the great battle at the end of the story. When you first look at the artwork, there are two characters that immediately catch your attention. The first one is Kaygun, the character standing at the forefront, at the center of our story. Kaygun belongs to a Central Asian Turkish clan. When we look at his painting, when we examine the details, we witness a wonderful Muko's work. Especially Kaygun's war clothes, her armor made of leather pieces, and the damage this armor took in battles until the last war. Details such as the leather helmet and sword of the Kaygun were processed with real care.

The second detail is Erlik Khan, which is depicted in the clouds. In fact, the depiction of Erlik Khan is quite different in both Turkish, Hun and Chinese historical documents, he has a truly sinister depiction with wild boar tusks, blood running down his face, pretty evil. But Muko painted a very different depiction here, which we were very pleased with. Because this album is created of a story that is embodied with the character of Central Asian Turkish mythology, performed with western instruments and a baroque perspective. And Erlik Khan's image in Artwork is completely compatible with this album.

And the great war, in a more distant region, at the foot of the Golden Mountain occupied by Erlik Khan. Here the battlefield and the warriors are depicted in smaller sizes compared to Kaygun and Erlik Khan, but you can still feel the chaos created by the great war, the struggle for survival. the details i have explained so far and the colors used in the creation of all these details, in our opinion, are in perfect harmony with the story of the album. We are very pleased with the result we achieved.

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