Behind The Artworks: Gutsaw - All Lives Splatter (2022)

Necro Nick: We were thinking about who to collaborate with this time around when we started the album cycle. We had our friends in bands like Lividity and Pyrexia who had these really awesome album covers from this guy and we thought, let’s send him a letter and see if we can hire him! Lucky for us this guy from Ukraine dug our music and was stoked to work with us! Everybody knows his name, none other than the legend himself, DAEMORPH. His artwork is renowned and his list of clients is never ending, I mean everybody wants him. And for good reason! He handled work for Vulvofynia, Traumatomy, Vile Impregnation and the late Black Dahlia Murder (RIP Trevor). For us we had picked our album title already and were super excited to explain the meaning behind it to him. We literally had a talk about the title and the meaning behind it and he did one pencil sketch and nailed it right off the bat! We were so stunned when we finally saw the final version with all the detail and all the color. We had no idea it would turn out as his best work. His words!! We knew whatever he would come up with would be amazing. We just didn’t know what to expect. It was like being a kid waiting for Christmas time. You just didn’t know what was gonna happen. We had so much anticipation. Our description was basically inspired by the title track of the album, which ended up being the album’s name anyways. A lot of people would assume just on the name alone that you’d get a cover with some protest scene with cars driving through the road and hitting the people in the way which was just boring and obvious to all of us. We were always inspired by death, gore and zombies. So, using zombies all grinded up and using them for fertilizer was a winner! Having zombies tied down to the earth and being reclaimed by the planet. Leaves would be growing out from it’s body and everywhere. Almost like we killed all the humans to let them turn into zombies so we can grind them up for fertilizer to regrow planet earth again like it was before humans destroyed it. We came up with this underground cult that uses the mutilated dead bodies to grow their food supply. They get spiritual guidance from the zombified statue that is tied down to the earth. The band and Daemorph and his slew of followers all agreed that this is one of his best covers to date.

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