Track By Tracks: Gutsaw - All Lives Splatter (2022)

1. The Flavor of Flesh:

The song touches on one of our favorite themes, cannibalism. In the first song off our new album, we wanted to start off super fast and set the tone for the listener right off the bat. When you’re hungry you might be in the mood for something sweet or something salty, but our guy Dahmer, he liked to hunt for a much bigger game. We wanted to explore what it would be like to be in the mind of a cannibal. The lyrics are detailing how enjoyable the taste of human flesh is and what it can do for us when we consume it. The flavor of the flesh is so good and we found many ways to describe it. Once you’ve had the pleasure of eating a person it makes you stronger than you would. Consuming them is like taking their strength and dosing yourself with it! Kinda like taking vitamins to keep you healthy, but in our case taking meals compiled by other humans to make you powerful! Once you digest you cannot stop the cravings. You hunger for more and will go to any lengths to get your teeth on more humans and become unstoppable.

2. Graveyard Grind Wars:

In a world after the apocalypse occurs you’re not left with too many options. For our decaying and contaminated bodies living in a worldwide graveyard there’s not much to do, but we still like to party and fight off what interferes with our plans for fun. Who else likes to have some morbid fun after all the chaos they’ve endured when the world is eradicated and turns into a desolate wasteland? For our kind, they hang around the crypts where murder is like a game of hiding and seek. Listening to our favorite metal albums, zombies and deformed humans have to fight one another for supremacy. Walking corpses are surrounding us all and there’s no chance to escape so we must stand up and fight, even if we’re just hungry for the brains of our enemies. Our lust for the dead cannot be quenched in a never-ending quest for survival. We are starting a war in the graveyard known as the world we used to live in. Breaking bones of what’s left of our humanity and screaming like otherworldly beasts under a radioactive sky. The wars we fight aren’t showing signs of stopping and we like it that way!

3. Bleed By Example:

Think about going to bed one day and then before you knew it by the time you’d reach the next you find out something has come to reek havoc on everything you felt safe with. Instead of your regular trip to work or school you’re faced with crime scenes throughout your city. No one knows who or what is causing this brutality, but everyone is afraid that it will come to destroy them and everyone they care about. Blood is all lover the streets, like puddles of rain after a storm. All you can tell is something gruesome is on the loose. As you realize this horror is not a dream you must investigate to ensure your own sanity. Seeing corpses of your friends and strangers strewn about with their blood drained completely, their organs ripped out and consumed. Who or what could be responsible for acts of this magnitude? You’re so confused and lost for hope, but you need to find the answer. You know this hunter is looking for humans and you very well could be his next victim, you set out to make it your victim instead! No one is gonna take you down on your terms, so you study the carnage and understand the beast responsible for this carnage. You do not want to meet the ends of your hard work as easily as the rest have. To stop this undeniable tragic end that is soon to catch you in it’s claws you do what you can to learn how to stay alive. You must end the life of this creature at any stakes before it claims yours first.

4. Necrojuana:

What our quirky farmer in the remote part of the wilderness stumbles on a new recipe for marijuana. He has changed up his growing methods to make a new strain, but what is making this stuff so strong? There’s nothing like this anywhere in the world, but we’ve discovered he’s not a normal farmer at all. He’s deranged and works alone to cultivate his product which everyone is dying to get their hands on. His discovery of a new type of soil is what makes it so powerfully enjoyable. It’s not miracle-gro giving these amazing results, but ground-up corpses! He’s been stealing bodies out of the morgues nearby. His garden is the first of it’s kind and it’s attracting lots of customers to his farm. He’s got so many plants kept hidden secretly so no authorities can stop him. Collecting dead bodies and procuring, at least in his opinion the best way to make his strain, he becomes a killer when he’s unable to find the ingredients he needs to keep his plants thriving. Using death as fertilizer the user becomes undeniably addicted rather easily in comparison to what they’d been used to smoking in the past. The fans of his marijuana are desperate to reach the high they obtained. They attempt to steal his stash and keep their fun going, but our farmer has other plans, maybe they’ll regret stepping foot on his land because they just became his next batch of soil.

5. All Lives Splatter:

We all remember watching the news and regaling at the images of horror. Maybe society doesn’t care about it’s innocent people and the harm that comes to them. The planet has been changed and there’s no way to reverse it. After thinking about how can we fix our mess one thing is for sure, ending humanity is our only strategy. Human beings are the cancer of this planet. Surely destroying the human race would give Mother Nature a chance to thrive again. With all of these people hating themselves and their fellow man, it’s time to cleanse the planet once and for all. Nobody cares about the damage they’ve caused. We need a make them all extinct. the only answer is extermination. Cut out cancer before it’s too late. Bring on the end and watch them all die! In this story, no one will survive.

6. In Gore We Grind:

There’s a lot in this world that makes us happy and content. Grabbing our guitars and banging on our drums. It is like our version of therapy. We have to enjoy our music at the loudest decibels and with metal we know to turn it up to 11 and get our ears punished. It makes the hairs on the back of our necks stand up. It makes our blood and minds race. It’s like a sickness we don’t want to be cured of. The intensity, the sheer brutality, it makes us all smile from ear to ear. Most of us love our metal dark and brutal and filled with hatred, too. We can’t help ourselves, the gore imagery, the evil, it all excites us! This isn’t for the timid. We’ve become obsessed with this music and its horror movie sidekick. They go together like a horse and a carriage. If we can inflict our perversion on the unsuspecting that’s even better. We don’t believe always like to hurt others, but we can’t help ourselves every now and then. So grab your favorite horror movie and get prepared to join us in our anthem of death and dismay! We’re here to party til we’re dead!

7. 683 Rest In Peace:

We all have clubs we love going to. Some of us are lucky enough to live right next to them! You remember as a kid being so excited your favorite club next door is having your favorite bands come to perform. We’re all going to check it out and rock out until we’re a sweaty, incapacitated mess! This place is our Graceland. Maybe you’re gonna have your new band shirt on, maybe your bullet belt and you’re definitely ready to bang your head and get in that mosh put. The stage is calling your name and begging you to dive off into that audience and crowd stuff till to your favorite song. Maybe you’re more the type to drink beer and talk to girls, whatever the case is, you are at the best spot around. For us this was the world famous Showcase Theatre. There was no place like it and we were lucky as hell. All the fun going on inside that building made you think “if only these walls could talk.” All of your friends were there, the door man, the security guards, the sound guys. They all know you personally and want you to make lasting memories together. Maybe you’re not just a spectator, but you have your own band with your best friends from school and you’re excited to step foot on the same stage as some of your favorite bands. Selling merchandise right beside your idols that you’ve been cranking jams of ever since you knew of their existence. This music is what inspires you, what drives you and gives you goosebumps every time you hear it. It was always a great time, that smell of sweat and blood is like you fuel to get wild. All of the incredible music you’ve been able to experience is something you’ll remember for the rest of your life. When your local officials and authorities realize there’s too much underage drinking and illegal drug use happening on the premises, maybe there’s a brawl where people got beaten to a pulp, they are think we gotta shut this place down. So, the powers that be did just that. We were devastated to lose our home. Where we felt at peace. This is a song for all of the people that feel the same about Showcase. Our love for you will never fade and you will remain in our memories in the best ways. REST IN PEACE!!!

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