Behind The Artworks: ZeTA - Binary Enigma (2022)

The cover is essentially inspired by the famous UK UFO encounter, the "Rendlesham Forest incident". The cover specifically depicts the event that Jim Penniston walks up to a black triangular craft hovering over the forest floor, notices "hieroglyphic" type markings and touches one of the symbols. He claimed that he received a "telepathic download" of binary code that he believed was a message. The cover sets the overall tone that the album is mostly trying to express, the mystery and morbid curiosity that we have in regards to aliens and UFOs. Different from the typical Hollywood depiction that aliens are up to something sinister and are hostile(if they wanted to destroy us, they would have already). We do not know exactly why they are here and their true intentions, we just know they exist and regularly visit this planet (and likely numerous others) and can only speculate.

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