Track By Tracks: ZeTA - Binary Enigma (2022)

1. Hopinksville Goblins:

Ambient/Synth intro track inspired by the Kelly–Hopkinsville encounter on August 21, 1955.

2. Suspended Colossus:

Inspired by the "Japan Air Lines Cargo Flight 1628 incident" in which a massive "Mothership" type UFO was seen over the Alaskan sky. Meant to be a high-energy track that sets the tone for the rest of the album.

3. Binary Enigma:

The title track was inspired by the Rendlesham Forest incident. Another high-energy track with a slow, doomy ending meant to put the listener in a trance.

4. Organic Corridor:

Inspired by "X-files" and "Fire in the Sky" scenes in which humans are abducted and incubated in pods inside a vessel interior design seems to be composed of both machine and organic characteristics. Probably the most "Death Metal" oriented song on the album.

5. Cosmic Embrace:

Inspired by stargazing and fascination with all that is out there in the cosmos. Musically, heavily influenced by classic Swedish melodic black metal of the 90s.

6. Traversing the Void:

A slow, atmospheric track meant to transport the listener through space.

7. M-Triangle:

Inspired by a paranormal area in Russia where UFO sightings and strange phenomena are common.

8. Weight of Disclosure:

Based on a chapter from the book from Richard Nolan "UFOs for the 21st century mind" on full public disclosure and what it may mean for mankind and its future course.

9. Dimensional NeXus II:

Instrumental track meant to be an atmospheric and memorable closer.

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