Track By Tracks: Confession - Coloured By The Red Flames Of Fire (2022)

1. In an embrace of beast:

Journey in the afterlife has begun…
In the moonlight, in the light of stars, in the underworld….
Abyss, Eternity, historical motives – ancient Rome and Greek Hierapolis
Nobody knows what’s there, but for sure there is the darkness!

2. Devilish passage:

The death is hear! Ending our useless lives!
Bringing us to hell, to the land of slavery and pain
Mysterious, imperious, domineering
The darkest song on the album – the one about the passage each of us will experience!

3. Coloured by the red flames of fire:

Burning huts illuminate the sky in the middle of the night
Smell of death is cutting the air, and blood is flowing through the fields
It is a description of the worst and most common product of human being:
War, madness, extinction!
Finally, everything around is coloured by the flames of fire!

4. Pandemonium:

Huge, bloody battle up to the horizon
Pain, suffering, Satan, victory!
At the end of massacre - brutal death coming soon
Song of war, song of pain and victorious end!

5. Confession:

True confession of our inner self
About anger, hate, about darkness in our souls
About forest, void, mighty nature and tyrants
Out of album - concept song, although topics of other four songs are included in “Confession”

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