Band Biographies: THE 40 THIEVES

THE 40 THIEVES is an international Modern Heavy Rock Band based in Saint City, Switzerland. Founded in 2019, when bassist Dee "The Priest" Vision started to collect musicians and friends for a band idea he had in his head. Dee who already toured all over Europe and had great success with the band STONEMAN. He played at the biggest European festivals (Wacken, WGT, Rock the Ring etc.) but he wanted to go new ways. "In my head is music that I want to write and produce". With "The Brain" Rizzitelli, his longtime friend, he found the perfect musical partner. Both had the same vision of where the musical journey should go. They started to write songs that would be a mixture of Creed and Linkin Park. Aggressive alternative Rock/Metal but always with an incredible catchy melody. The first song that was written was "IF WE DIE TONIGHT" and was a dedication to Chester Bennington the late Linkin Park singer. Since the death of the singer kept the two musicians very busy, they used it to express their feelings musically. They were looking for a singer who should have a wide range and of course be able to sing both genres: aggressive and emotional. With singer "The Highlander" Dillon the two gentlemen found the perfect complement for THE 40 THIEVES. The Scotsman was passionate about the songs from the beginning and wanted to be part of THE 40 THIEVES Gang right away. With his voice he gave the songs the necessary substance that was still missing. Also the guitarist "The Gambler" Hearhadze who always surprises and impresses with his fat and unbelievable riffs has become an important feature. The last in the bunch is the wild and impetuous drummer "The Kid" Sven. Both perfectly fit musically and humanly into the gang and complete THE 40 THIEVES

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