Behind The Tracks: DUTCH CRIMINAL RECORD - C'Est La Vie (2022)

Commenting on the track, vocalist/guitarist Joe Delaney-Stone says: “C’est La Vie is about trying to move away to a new place to try and fix your problems. Hint hint: this doesn’t work. I wrote the first few lines of the song a little while ago and never really finished it, but I rediscovered it shortly after moving to a new place in Brighton last year and it suddenly felt like it had a new meaning to me and I decided to finish the lyrics.”

“The French parts of the lyrics weren’t really anything at first, just something I thought was cool and kinda funny when I first wrote the guitar part. When I rewrote the lyrics I kinda used the French parts as an ironic little aside at the beginning of each line, like ‘Ooo la la I’m a brand new person’ but in reality I don’t speak any French, and your problems just follow you, even if you move somewhere new…”

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