Band Biographies: Beauty Is Betrayal

Beauty Is Betrayal is born and raged in Sacramento, CA. Formed back in 2015 by front woman Bri Cowgill, alongside Burn Halo’s very own guitar player, Ryan Frost. The powerful duo bonded over dark humor, the love of weird things, and of course, inner anger. Beauty is armed with talented hard working members including, Burn Halo's former drummer Johnny Badbones, guitarist Alex Lovato and bassist Jaden Daniels. Beauty’s sound includes hauntingly evil guitar riffs, fast heavy drums, and a unique blend of Cowgill’s & Frost’s powerful vocals takes you on a twisted journey. The band has gone on to main support national bands including Escape The Fate, Motionless In White, After The Burial, New Years Day, Oh, Sleeper, Burn Halo, HED P.E., and many more. Beauty is fearless and dramatic when it comes to their live performance. They demand attention with not only their music, but their theatrics showcasing bloody suites & masks, intense high energy, and comedic crowd interactions. “Music is designed to bring people together. When you see a live show, everyone is in that room for the same reason: we can each be and feel all the things we want without consequence. In that moment we are free & unified, THAT is the biggest take away,” Cowgill expressed. Recently, Beauty has just released music videos for both their successful cover of "Dark Horse" by Katy Perry, and their latest original track, "Rebel"

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