Behind The Tracks: Lameassdads - Days Pass By (Single) (2022)

This track is about feeling your age, while at the same time still feeling like your youth wasn’t that long ago. Having turned 40 this year, I have had to come to terms with the fact that I’m getting older and things around me are ever-changing, even though I don’t feel like anything is really different in my head. I still live in the same metropolitan area I grew up in, but not on the same side of town, so when I do rarely make it back to the old stomping grounds of my youth I’m still surprised to see how different the area looks from my last visit.

When I was young and trying to figure out who I was, I spent a fair amount of time going out, drinking and partying with friends, and looking for a good time. Sometimes the good times found me, and other times the not-so-good times found me instead. Sometimes the shot glass is empty, other times it’s the stool next to you that now sits unoccupied.

As a teenager, I always swore I’d move away and see other parts of the world. I didn’t love my hometown and couldn’t wait for the chance to leave. I met my amazing wife in my very early 20s and I was head over heels right away. As our relationship progressed, we started planting our own roots. Getting steady jobs, getting married, and having kids made those roots more permanent. While I’d still like to see more of the world, I really have no one but myself to blame for my decision to stay where I am!

I think this song is pretty relatable to anybody. From late nights partying, to looking back at situations you’ve found yourself in and second-guessing yourself, no matter how right it felt in the moment. I don’t know too many people that can honestly say they’ve never felt that way about anything.

The whole recording process for our album “Greetings from Nowhere, Oh” was pretty much just Ryan and I. One of us would have the basics of a song and we’d work on it together to polish it up to what we had in mind for it. It was a lot of weekday afternoons at Ryan’s house with his two boys peeking in on us while working on it lol! When we recorded it, we were originally going to work on a different song that day, but when I played the rough demo I made of it on my phone for Ryan he said “Nope. We’re doing this one!” and I didn’t argue with the producer lol!

The first time we played it live was only the 2nd time that all 4 of us played in the same room together, but somehow it felt like we’d all been playing in a band together forever. I don’t know if magical is the right word for it, but it just felt right to me at least.

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