Band Biographies: ROZU

ROZU (Japanese for Rose) is a Metalcore 4-piece from Denver, Colorado consisting of longtime artists Tim Graham on vocals, David Sundine on guitar, Brian Robertson on drums, and Henry Navarre on bass. With hard-hitting singles 'Rue', 'Anchor', and 'Faceless' the band has really shown their diversity of writing and helped them gain momentum quickly touring and opening for acts such as Attila, Miss May I, The Damned Things, and many more. With a debut LP on the horizon, ROZU aims to take both local and national music scenes by storm. With full intention to tour constantly and consistently in support of their debut effort the latter half of 2022, ROZU is the next Denver band to keep your eyes on, as their penchant for all things driving, melodic, and heavy make them a standout you won't want to miss.

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