Behind The Tracks: Rozu - Grit (Single) (2022)

Hey guys! My name is Tim Graham from the band Rozu and today we are talking about our latest single G.R.I.T. This song, in particular, took a lot of different forms before it’s actual release, I think we first started writing this during our album writing sessions in late 2020. During the time like most people in our scene we were listening to a lot of Spiritbox and mainly their hit song Holy Roller. We all really loved how that song has almost 2 hooks, one being the actual vocal line and the other being that riff that is just stuck in your head and undeniable to what song it is, so we really tried to write a similar structure cause it was something we have yet to do and was a different thought process of writing a song. Needless to say, we failed miserably and that session lived in the graveyard folder for 2 years. (laughs)

We were sitting in this spot where we really needed another single to release so we flew our producer Tyler Ruehl out to write another single in February of 2022. Tyler and I were having some drinks and kind of going through our catalog released and unreleased trying to find inspiration and something we haven’t quite done yet until we came across that file and had a respark of sorts to finish that session cause that main riff is pretty solid. DJ came in and literally we just wrote a chorus section for it and the song was done in a day instrumentally, which is crazy to think since we spent so much time initially on it. Funny how things turn out, when we try too hard to hit a goal we get stuck but when we just have fun with it and try to write something fun and cool we get our best product.

Vocally with the song I really wanted it to be bouncy and go with the riff that will have your head nodding without thought. It also showcases this band writing a traditional chorus with me finally showing the singing side of us outside of the reimagined of Rue, which we thought was the right time since we are kind of transitioning into phase 3 of this band’s releases. Lyrically the song is talking about my questioning of faith that I’ve been dealing with for years. It really is just questioning how such a higher power allows so much hate and destruction within this world and how flawed humans are. I mean we are all fighting for which religion is the best and belittling others that don’t believe the same things you do, and most do it so blindly just because that’s how they were raised. The song is based around the line “A common misconception we’re never good enough unless you follow blindly” meaning from my POV that it is ok to question things in this world and are we valuing the correct things when it comes to living in the world with faith, and I simply refuse to follow blindly and enjoy the questioning of all faiths and religions.

We felt it was a very strong song in the end when it initially was a scrapped song and showcased our classic saying of maturity and growth. So with that, we decided to steer clear of the super over-dramatic music videos we had done with the Rues and just wanted a fast-paced bouncy video to compliment the music but let the vocals and the words be the absolute focal point of the song, which our buddy Tyler Kosec absolutely nailed. We’ve gotten really great feedback on the single so far and can’t appreciate all the support old and new enough for words, thank you to all our fans!

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