Premieres: Novacrow - Medusa Medusa (Single) (2022)

After their unforgettable set at this year's Bloodstock festival, Medusa Medusa is Novacrow's third single from their upcoming debut album 'Look At Me Now'. As a bit of a departure from the previous two singles, Medusa Medusa perfectly encapsulates the band's tongue-in-cheek attitude with this cabaret-inspired heavy hitter. Clearly inspired by the Greek myth of Medusa, the song uses its fun and lively energy to mask important anti-sexist messages and to make a powerful statement about gender inequality.

This song has every you could ever want to listen to in a compact 3.5 minutes - full brass sections, soaring guitar solos, gang vocals, incredibly catchy hooks, marimbas, cabaret style shenannigans, AND MORE! The band's bassist Freddy had this to say about the song:

"Medusa Medusa' may just be the most ambitious song we've ever tried to record. Did I say ambitious? I meant to say amazing."

The video, featuring the winner of Alternative Model of the Year 26-29 Category, Kitty Massacre as the band's resident Medusa, was filmed in Liverpool's own Vulcan Studios by Ben Gladwin and Jon Stonehouse and was edited by the band's own Federico 'Freddy' Spera.

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