Band Biographies: Skade

Skade is a one-man band from Bergen, Norway, playing black metal. The band aims to recapture the rawness of the original Norwegian wave of black metal while still innovating the sound. The music is rough around the edges, like black metal should be, but also not afraid of injecting some dynamics (and even soft parts). Lyrical themes include misanthropy, resentment, mythological allegories, and death. At its core, Skade will always be about a noisy and intense soundscape.

In the same way, that popular hair metal in the 80s had lost contact with the roots of heavy metal, it can be argued that modern black metal has lost contact with its own roots. Contemporary black metal is often high fidelity, commercial and approachable. This is a far cry from what made black metal black metal in the first place. One of the main points of Skade as a project is to recapture the rawness that black metal should have.

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