Track By Tracks: Even Flow - Mediterraneo (2022)

Ocean Lies is the first song written for this Ep, I wanted to compose a powerful song that at the same time was melodic in the refrains, with a clean musical interlude to give space to the vocal harmonies, towards the middle of the song there are Latin influences in the way of playing the drums together with the guitar solo.

The lyrics represent at times the desolation of the world, but at the same time thinking optimistically for the future.

Ray Of Light the lyrics speak of love towards a girl, characterized by a clean guitar intro, together with a keyboard that creates very beautiful melodies, at the end, the guitar harmonizations have a somewhat Arabic sound.

Leaves are a piece of solo piano and voice, extremely intimate with a final part of a piano with strong harmonic tensions decreased.

The lyrics represent a love story between two young people that have not materialized.

Revelation Day lyrics have a Catholic inspiration, a song to be discovered musically in its entirety. The melodic parts are intertwined with more progressive parts.

Mediterraneo talks about a love relationship between two guys, the music has Arabic interludes, many progressive metal parts, and melodic guitar solos.

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