Track By Tracks: Fogos - Corpses And Ashes (2022)

“Corpses and Ashes” have been composed as a one-way trip to the reign of death, describing how it drags the human soul and ruins everything it pretends to love.

Several greek deities - related to death, fear, violence, and obscurity - have inspired each of the songs, becoming our companions during our descent into the abyss.

Charon (Caronte) is the boatman in charge of guiding the souls across the border of hell, the river Akheron. But his services must be paid with an obol, an ancient greek coin; fragments of these coins have been chosen as symbols for each of the band members throughout the booklet.

Each of the songs is related to a greek deity, but we have chosen to not create lyrics purely based on mythological tales but to develop our own stories around the concepts inspired by each ghost.

Therefore, Corpses and Ashes is not an album about mythology, but about the crude death, raw as it is, both physical and spiritual, by sickness, stupidity, or the hands of our own kind. A tale of desperation and misanthropy.

1. Akheron:

An aggressive opener, we choose it because of its raw violence, and pure devastation when played live. Lyrics are the narration of agony of a wanderer on pilgrimage towards the Akheron river, that awaits like the rotten Ganges, an unholy living sanctuary for death, with burned corpses and ashes all across the shores, where no one worships them anymore.

2. Keres:

This song alternates pounding rhythms with old-school raw riffs. The voices of death are crossing the veil to penetrate our minds and drag our souls to the underworld. Time to enter the realm of death with the eyes wide open.

3. Dysnomia:

One of our fastest tracks, with furious guitar riffs and licks that cut flesh like a piercing knife.

A song about chaos and madness, killing frenzy and collapsing societies, when bloodshed surrounds us and our inner beast becomes free.

4. Mortis:

Death has come. A long song, with certain doom inspiration, that allowed us to tell the story of human self-destruction on different acts, building an oppressive atmosphere without losing aggressiveness.

5. Khione:

A slow arpeggio is used to create a mirage of calmness at the beginning of the song, but it’s just a mirage, as it is soon replaced by fast riffs and devastating lyrics. This song pays tribute to the origins of black metal, as it describes the death by freezing, the gangrene of the limbs, and the agony of those left behind to die of hunger and desperation.

6. Caronte:

Caronte (Charon) and Akheron, the boatman and the river, the cover, and the back of the album. This was the second track we wrote, our first single, and certainly one of our favorites. This is a crude and profoundly nihilistic song, with dark riffs that are a chasm of constant change and violence.

7. Exis:

Time to pay the price for an opulent life, and there will be no mercy. Violent changes of tempo fill this song, in which we were inspired by the spinner wheels of destiny and time to build a tale of pain, sadness, and contrition for everything that is lost.

8. Nyx:

A fast and aggressive song, but filled with guitar licks that will embrace us and bring us closer to the deities of night, chaos, obscenity, and obscurity. A violent love song to depravity, madness, and sin.

9. Deimos:

Fear, terror, and panic … are often the origin of every stupid act and human ruin. One of our heavier songs, inspired by the horror of war and human villainy and cowardice, turned into crushing guitars and tortured growlings.

10. Eidolon:

Closing the circle at the end of the trip, the dead come back from the reign of the death, breaking the chains of their faux creators, to raise again and rip out our throats and guts. This song brings the end of mankind to the hands of the beloved ones. The destruction of every light or hope is still alive in our souls. A song about the consequences of trespassing limits and borders that should have never been approached. The last song we wrote for the album and the one that summarizes most of our musical ideology, in a continuous crescendo towards total madness. The end of the trip, or just the beginning?

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