Band Biographies: DECLARED DEAD

Declared Dead is a Belgian Metal band that formed at the beginning of June 2014, led by its “mastermind” Anders Milovovich. The band has steadily developed its craft while releasing one demo, one EP, eleven full-length albums, one live album, and four instrumental versions of the later stage full-lengths.

The band attempts to avoid branding as a particular style of metal and has been “accused” of having “too many influences” in one fair-handed review which the band feels is accurate in the sense of having and utilizing many (not necessarily “too many”) influences/inspirations, maintaining the ideals of “creative freedom up and to the point of natural limitations…” and “tapping into the realms of genius without deliberate use of manipulative faculties (letting the magic happen through seemingly spontaneous creative forces – not aligning with ritualistic formulae)”.

Some of the sub-genres of Metal that Declared Dead has seamlessly incorporated into their sound would include death, thrash, black, doom, progressive, gothic, avant-garde, grind, power-violence, death ‘n’ roll, ambient, and elements of hard rock. One review even stated they heard some “sludge”. The band collectively says, “We’ll take it!”

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