Track By Tracks: Kingsphere - Enigmatic (2022)

1. Demolition:

The song is about people struggling with mental illnesses that have an impact not only on the affected person but also on their entire environment.

2. Enigmatic:

Text describing the battle between the two most popular theories on the origin of man, creationism and evolutionism. Description of the conflict between man derived from god, and a creation gradually shaped by nature.

3. Clouds collide:

A piece about an escape from our not very attractive, evil, and suffocating world into places or states where we feel better. The text describes escapism as not so much physical as it is psychological, feeling better through alcohol, drugs, computer games, movies, and books. However, this escape is only temporary, and ultimately there is no way out of reality.

4. The flight:

The song is a positive response to the song "Neverending storm". It tells about the full utilized human potential, enormous determination to live, willingness to act, and lack of limitations resulting from negative thoughts about yourself and the world.

5. Point of light:

The text tells about the fake, unfortunately, the stoicism of every human being. Even though many of us try to remain seemingly calm in difficult situations, ultimately man as an emotional being is unable (sometimes even to the slightest degree) not to show his feelings during painful events. Stoicism is presented as a suffocating philosophy, unnatural for man.

6. Dark cold sight:

A piece about the theoretical finding of a trace of alien life forms beyond our planet. Analysis of the human species as an invasive species to other civilizations based on observations of activities on our own planet. A piece loosely inspired by the "Alien" movie series.

7. Defiance:

A text about man's constant struggle against adversities, mainly coming from other people. The titular defiance, and the strength resulting from it, are shown as the main value in the pursuit of peace.

8. Ready for your war:

A track inspired by the current armed conflict taking place in Ukraine.

9. Neverending storm:

A piece about the so-called glass ceilings that inhibit our development, most often created by ourselves. Reluctance, low self-esteem, and lack of support from others as factors that suppress the real human potential, not allowing him to fully use his skills, and discarding all of the best features he has.

10. Devices:

The piece is about the "traps" of modernity awaiting man nowadays, especially about devices that track, eavesdrop, and in the future, as part of the further development of technology, will have the ability to influence our thoughts and feelings.

11. Half of form:

A piece describes a human being as a place of existence of two conflicting personalities in which they are mutually exclusive, they fight with each other, but ultimately live in symbiosis and are unable to fight back completely.

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