Track By Tracks: Lamentations - Passion Of Depression (2022)


This was the first song I started writing back in 2017. The intro lead was unused from the previous album. For this record I knew I wanted to include keyboards and piano, to bring a dynamic to the music we never had before. You can hear the piano solo by the first guest pianist, Gregor Connelly, who worked on the first 3 songs of the album.

The title Prodigal was chosen to represent the lyrics, about a phase in life when one decides to leave the comfort around, and whatever truths that have been instilled, onto a journey with uncertainty. The symbol of the fire was used to represent the Prodigal’s fire, of passion and desire.

2. ANEW:

We actually released ‘Anew’ as a single back in 2019. There is a main theme that is played in the beginning and then repeated in the choruses and the clean break. Everything in between riffs that try to show off our technical side, and our fondness for the use of counterpoint. We had the piano support the guitar riffs and solos throughout the song.

The lyrics continue on from the previous song and describe an onward journey while contemplating the decision made to do so. The symbol of the blooming flower was used to represent following through on new decisions while questioning them at the same time.


This is the first ‘long’ song of the album, coming in just over nine and a half minutes. It starts with a 12-string acoustic guitar recorded by Alex Price (who recorded all classical & acoustic guitars for the album). The first solo on the track is by Santiago Dobles who shreds through viciously. This track had the biggest collaboration on songwriting between our drummer (Chris Stropoli) and myself and was fitting that we both share the harsh vocals. The track also features a short section with double bass and flute, before introducing Jason Gobel’s alluring solo. Cynic is one of my favorite bands and I can speak for the rest of the band that they hold them in high regard. We are very honored to have 2 of its ex-members here for this track. The lyrics of the song talk about our desires and how they might leave us in undesirable situations. Whether right or wrong, we tend to judge others on the decisions they make but that might be a reflection of our own weaknesses. All of this is represented by a cloth that is torn and tattered.


The only track with classical guitars, this song was written with a cinematic feel to build its mood. This is also the first track where Steven Harbor takes over piano and keyboard duties (Tracks 4 to 7). We have the pleasure of having Ole Børud lay down 2 solos. The first solo is described by our drummer as a chef’s kiss and the second has a country blues twang to it. Extol is also a band cherished by us, and many musicians within the Progressive Metal scene. We hold Ole in the highest regard and are still in disbelief that he’s on our record. The song later goes on to an ending section that has guitar solos by myself (Jungle) and Prophet. The lyrics speak of the journey thus far, with some paths leading to an end with regret. As there is no going back, reflections need to be made at this point before going forth. The symbol chosen was the bell, which represents the time we have that cannot be reversed.

5. IRE:

Our heaviest song on the album was written to portray anger, frustration, and self-defeat. This is actually the third song to be written in the album, I remember writing part of the music as I was visiting the boys in Monotheist as they prepared for their first tour back in 2018. Drummer Chris writes a couple riffs for the track and even has a little back & forth growling dual with myself. Ethan McKenna then proceeds to show his skills with a modern technical metal solo, just what the song needs. The symbol chosen was the sword, to represent the damage that could be caused to others, as well as yourself.


Obeisance has 2 distinct sections, the first was written by Prophet & the second by myself. We try to pay homage to the 90s band's Death & Cynic with each section. The synths drive the chorus with its leads, an element I wanted to provide for the album. The lyrics speak of questioning the religious practices we grow up with. Something a lot of people who grew up in religion would ponder over. We are taught to obey the scripture and hence, I chose that as the symbol for the song.


Our Finale, to summarize the album, is a 14 min conclusion. This song has riffs of its own, but we also bring back one riff from each song in reverse chronological order. A reflection of each step leads to the end. We had Max Phelps, a talented musician we had the pleasure to tour with doing the final guest guitar solo for the album. He brings in his jazz fusion elements to the solo and it is absolutely stunning. The song then ends with a synth-led outro to bring the album to a close. I was most excited to write lyrics for this song. I realized that in a certain phase of one’s life your way of thinking and behaving might change rapidly leaving the people around you puzzled and with this, I chose to represent it with a mask. One that might be replaced with each phase with no control of your own. I felt that this was the nurturing process of life, where you might be misunderstood, but a necessary phase to go through nonetheless.

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