Track By Tracks: Aura - Underwater (2022)

1. Lost over time:

Atmosphere post-rock song with clear references to porcupine tree opens with a very dilated tiastiere intro and then evolves into stanzas and choruses. The central part includes an instrumental progression leading to the closing chorus. The text expresses the concept of misunderstanding between people which very often causes distance and abandonment.

2. Keep it safe:

Rhythm piece with queensryche-like sound hues, the rhythm remains constant in the verses and chorus up to the central part of the guitar and keyboard solos. On a conceptual level, it expresses the need to leave the negative moments of the past behind, without becoming slaves to them.

3. On time: 

Track characterized by a guitar intro in crescendo that evolves up to the cantato and chorus, the central part has a vague atmosphere of Faith no more followed as an epilogue from the chorus. The text explains how in today's world there would be a need to devote more time to oneself and to the important people who are sometimes neglected due to a hectic and aseptic world.

4. Time to live:

Direct and rocky track with more typically Heavy colors, with a very bluesy and captivating central solo. On a conceptual level, it wants to be a spur to live one's life, one's passions, without being subjected to the society in which we live, which sometimes tends to be ruthless with those who are “different” or have different attitudes from the crowd.

5. My last words to you:

It is the softest song, characterized by a carpet made of synths and keyboards intertwined with guitar phrasing and hypnotic bass. The rest of the piece is characterized by a dreamy refrain and a very melodic solo. The text addresses the issue of the inability to listen and perceive the discomforts of people who need help.

6. Promises:

Promises is a tension-filled track made up of arpeggiated riffs and electronic synths. The very airy refrain is followed by an instrumental part and a solo harmonized full of tension. He expresses his concepts through the image of a child who lived in a concentration camp. He tells about his fears and the search for comfort in something higher and otherworldly. Inevitably it tackles the issue of conflicts and war and all the nonsense that is exposed to justify it. Man always has the duty to assume his responsibilities and not to accept what is imposed on him as a doctrine.

7. Eternal Bliss:

A piece that starts directly with a melodic and rhythmic phrasing that leads to a celestial verse made up of clean sounds and chiattarra phrases. In the center, an instrumental part with the following guitar solo stuck on a syncopated bass rhythm. It is mostly a text that speaks of love that is not always welcomed into one's own life due to the armor we create for ourselves.

8. Lights behind the clouds (instrumental):

Totally instrumental track with post-rock hues with Pink Floydian veins, it opens with a narrated intro to continue its main theme made up of very dreamy keyboards and guitar themes. It remains unchanged until the central break and then explodes in the final part in a roar of sounds and effects.

9. Underwater:

Underwater is the song that gives its name to the entire album, the song speaks of abandonment, of incarcerated lives left in the shadows, and tells of their sufferings. On an instrumental level, it starts with about a minute of intro that continues with a verse characterized by acoustic guitars that accompany the delicate and suffering singing. The bridge opens with distorted arpeggiated guitars that then flow into a chorus with a distorted and heavier sound. In addition, there is a central part of the tension that flows into a short guitar performance.

In any case, the texts are made in such a way as to allow the listener to find other facets as well as we believe that those who listen to feel involved must find their interpretation and make the text their own."

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