Band Biographies: Devil´s Whiskey

Devil´s Whiskey is the reflection of a sterile, sordid, and violent border between México and the United States of America. Is the terror of disappearing from one side of the wall or ending up jailed on the other. Is sad drunkenness, a joint, a contradiction between a maniac god and a reasoning devil.

The singular style of the band has been defined as doom blues, but the band is mainly navigating the vibe of heavy rock and stoner. Devil´s Whiskey started in 2010 as a solo project of César “Tarellevil” Tarello the lead vocals and guitarist from the Mexican thrash legend called PIRAÑA, and rapidly was nourished by the percussions of Fernando “HammerFer” Nieto, also drummer form PIRAÑA.

In 2011 came out the first record called “Rattlesnake Blues”. It was a 6 track work published by the RIO Mexican label called Luna Negra and César Tarello with Maldosos Recs. This album counts many contributions from musicians such as Alex Lozano on keyboards, Jacobo Córdova from Majestic Downfall on bass guitar, Samuel Olvera and Juan Vargas from Piraña, and Xochitzin on some vocals. Originally this album was in the punk-rock, stoner, and country vein and was the first approach to the band´s sound.

Rattlskane Blues was intended for the studio only, but after HammerFer and Alex started to get involved with the project, the band decided to go for another album and some live presentations. That was the origin of the second album “Condemned to Live” which came out with Concreto Recs in December 2018. This second album is a solid work that gave a more doom, rock, and blues structure to the music and combined a lot of the member's influences, of metal, goth rock, psychedelic rock, country, and blues, creating the real style that characterizes the band.

After the second album, some good critics, and a nomination for one of the best rock releases in 2019 by Osmium Metal Awards, the band decided to go for live concerts so at this point Jorge “Koke” Martínez and Robert Petriciolet entered the band as live musicians, but due the good chemistry between all the members, the band decides to go for the third and more complex album “Historias de Muerte”, a conceptual album that represents a dark consolidation of Heavy Rock and Stoner sound without lose the heavy blues roots of the project.

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