Band Biographies: RIVER STOLE GODS

LINE-UP: Lasse Janßen (Vocals) / Raphael Kalinowski (Guitar) / Adam Reuter (Bass)

Emerging in Spring 2019 in Düsseldorf, Germany, RIVER STOLE GODS plays Modern Metalcore with progressive impulses and proves courage to a complex, rhythm-driven music style. With a focus on sound, atmosphere, and dynamics RIVER STOLE GODS creates a vibrant and multifaceted sound concept, ever-evolving with the individual influences of the band members.

In their songs, the trio creates a well-balanced mixture of striking hooks with sophisticated, hard-driving riffs and emotionalizing vocals to establish a unique atmosphere for listeners to fall into and embrace the music.

After leaving the first creative fingerprints with their previous releases, the 'New Eyes' trilogy will mark a tremendous turning point in the history of RIVER STOLE GODS. Heavier than ever, the band embarks on a unique audio-visual journey to present the most mature material RIVER STOLE GODS have written up to date.

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