Behind The Tracks: American Standards - The Tourist (Single) (2023)

Musically, The Tourist is a bit of a departure from the usual American Standards sound. Call it “Chaotic Hardcore”, “Metallic Hardcore” or “Mathcore”, but we’ve always had a solid backbone of that early 2000s metalcore that we all grew up on. Bands like Botch, Coalesce, Deadguy, Refused, and Spitfire really paved the road for us allowing us to share the stage with bands like Every Time I Die, Norma Jean, The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Chariot, and Converge. While writing for DOPAMINE DEALER, we started to bring in some more bass heavy grooves and really focused on the song structures. For The Tourist specifically, I think Corey (guitarist) was listening to a lot of Cancer Bats and Senses Fail which made for an interesting mix of influences. Lyrically, I wanted to bring in the delivery of Refused or even Letlive. That coupled with a guest feature from Cody Milford of The God Samaritan gives the song a little something for everyone. Although far from our genre, Cody brings in an element of our live shows that I’ve always wanted to capture in the recordings. The idea that you can mix genres as long as it comes from a genuine place and brings the right energy. Cody is an artist that can get on stage and win over any crowd with his performance. I really think DOPAMINE DEALER expands the dynamics of what American Standards can be and sets the stage for the next album.

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