Track By Tracks: Truth To Power - Claim Your Freedom (2022)

1. Mediasimilation:

This song is meant to be an indictment of our most popular media outlets. Calling them out on bias and controversial subjects while perpetuating the brainwashing of the citizens and youth of the country.

2. Kill Til Done:

This song is a plea to the listener to consider alternative solutions to problems in our government. It's a reminder that change can come at not much more than the cost of a bullet.

3. Trigger:

This song is an overly blunt call to arms against politicians and policies that are ruining the country. However, this song is meant to appeal to more than just Americans. It is intended to be a call to arms for any form of injustice and misrepresentation amongst leaders and followers.

4. Incorruptible:

This song is a reminder to stay focused and vigilant while dealing with the world around you. The cost of convenience is your freedom.


This song is a poetic post-apocalyptic prophetic dream about society finally hitting the breaking point and the world coming apart.

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