Band Biographies: Where The Waves Are Born

Where the Waves Are Born (WTWAB) is a melodic hardcore/post-hardcore band hailing from Asturias, Spain consisting of six members: Guille Menéndez (Drums and additional production), Guille Rodríguez (Vocals, ex–Between The Lines), Javi ‘Kili’ Villamaña (Bass), Luigi López (Vocals), Miguel Ferreño (Guitar) and Víctor ‘Nau’ Barrero (Guitar, ex– Antemeridian). The band is characterized by their powerful vocal duo, combining hardcore-influenced harsh vocals with melodic pop-style hooks, added to their intricate melodic instrumentation inspired by international bands in the genre.

WTWAB was created in 2014 by Guille Menéndez and Miguel Ferreño. The concept stemmed from the idea of moving away from traditional 2000s metalcore into a fresh sound incorporating newer influences from international melodic hardcore and post-hardcore bands, such as Napoleon, The Ghost Inside, Hundredth or Crooks. The band seeks to create a bittersweet atmosphere reinforced lyrically using personal themes that convey both positive and negative feelings, be it a call for hope or mourning the loss of a loved one.

After several years arranging the first original demos and improving in self-production, WTWAB’s line-up was closed in 2018 with the incorporation of Javi Villamaña, Luigi López, Guille Rodríguez y Víctor Barrero. In 2019, these songs were mostly tracked by Guille Menéndez and released in the band’s debut EP ‘Engraved’, offering a complete artwork design made by Javi Villamaña. This work, mixed and mastered by Diego Teksuo, is already published on all streaming platforms, available for free digital download on Bandcamp and in physical format as a result of a successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. This marked the beginning of a fresher stage, with more participation of each member in the composition and embracing wider influences. This period, which extended up to 2022 due to the influence of the pandemic, culminated in the band’s sophomore EP featuring Sasu (Meltdown) and Sara Bowen (Hiranya). A work of six unreleased tracks of greater maturity and ambition, presenting a qualitative leap at all levels and which will be released throughout 2023.

WTWAB has established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the modern metal scene of northern Spain. Although marked by distance throughout its lifetime, with each member living in a different city, the band’s continuity represents the victory of perseverance and bonding in the face of the great challenges that come in our way. -- WTWAB

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