Track By Tracks: Otherworldly Entity - Psilocyborg (2023)


Sin is the most recent single off of Psilocyborg and was released with a music video featuring wild Otherworldly creatures in a remote forest lit entirely with black lights. The song is about falling in love, but knowing that it could never work for the people involved. It's about the duality of having the intuition to know that the results wouldn't be good, but every other part of the body wants to give it a chance. The song was originally written by John Harris in 2021, but when the band revisited the song in 2022 for Psilocyborg, Harris couldn't remember what he had originally written. So in the writing session, Harris improvised the song, which was then re-worked by Zlatko Grozl and Shawn Washer, becoming the version that was released as the single and later on the Psilocyborg EP.


This is the first single released off of the Psilocyborg EP and was written with Otherworldly Entity's previous drummer Taylor Porter, who is also featured vocally in the song. It was released in early 2022 as a single with a music video and was the last song that Porter worked on before being replaced by the current drummer, Shawn Washer. The song is about not becoming the monster that people claim you to be, and not dropping down to the level of attacks and viciousness. John Harris, singer of Otherworldly Entity, often introduces the song live as "this is a song about haters who try to keep you down, but more importantly, it's about never becoming one of them."


This song originally appeared on John Harris' solo album DICHOTOMY in 2018 and has been a staple to the Otherworldly Entity live set since. Going through numerous band members over the years, the song has changed and developed into the version that appears on Psilocyborg. Matt Raymond, Shane Reed, Shane Stillman, and Taylor Porter all have writing credits on this song because of their input and past performances of the song. However, Shawn Washer brought his own twist to the final version of the song. This song is about a relationship that isn't working, and the desire to make one final attempt to save it, giving up control and accepting whatever results come.


Originally written by John Harris as an acoustic song, Breakdown is about an impending mental Breakdown, but not having the time to actually process it. The dynamics in this song largely come as the result of the way that Zlatko Grozl and Shawn Washer address the song instrumentally.


This song was musically written by Zlatko Grozl and Shawn Washer following the funeral of John Harris' late father. This song is a first-person experience of the stages of grief, minus the stage of acceptance. Harris' father was an adamant supporter of Harris' music, even helping with the music video for Sin. Following a serious accident, Harris' father passed away in the hospital while Otherworldly Entity was shooting the video for Sin. The was a devastating event, requiring Harris to take a small step back from the band while he spent time with the family. In that time, Grozl and Washer wrote the instrumentation for Grief, and upon hearing the music, Harris felt that the song embodied the grief that he was experiencing.

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