Band Biographies: Murder Method

Murder Method is a old school inspired brutal death metal band from York, Pennsylvania formed in 2018 the band has released one EP titled Hide the Bodies and in the September of 2022 emerged with their first full-length album titled No Regard For Human Life both of which were released independently ,Known for violent lyrical themes revolving around murder, gore, and insanity Murder Method offers a unique brand of old school inspired death metal with a modern twist ,combining elements of thrash, progressive and black metal this band is nothing to be taken likely , with aggressive stage performances Murder Method has played with acts such as Malevolent Creation , Diabolic ,Skeletal Remains , Defeated Sanity , Vitriol ,Narcotic Wasteland , Aborted , and more, Currently in process of writing a second album keep one eye peeled for this maniacal death metal band as there will definitely be more brutality to come.

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