Track By Tracks: Murder Method - NoRegard For Human Life (2022)

1. Surrogate of Suffering:

A song inspired by the infamous Ed Gein. It is about a prolific and mentally ill individual with a grotesque desire to wear another human's flesh. In search of the perfect victim to turn into a skin suit, he stalks the alleyways at night and exhumes bodies from his local graveyard and decorates his house with their leftover remains.

2.No Regard For Human Life:

A Twisted tale of carnage about a murderer who uses his crime scene as a canvas for creating art. With a violent thirst for mutilation, he paints the scene with the blood and guts of his victims. Praying upon the rejects of society he hacks, dismembers, and carves X's in their foreheads as he eliminates them one by one.

3. Hide The Bodies:

A story about a killer who hordes dead bodies in his house. As paranoia sets in he tries to dispose of the stock-piled corpses in a sick and grizzly manner.

3. Will of Burden:

A song about the selfishness of suicide and the legacy of endless pain and misery it leaves behind for your loved ones.

4. Fiend For Flesh:

A demented and disturbing piece about a schizophrenic being manipulated by the voices in his head urging him to kill and cannibalize all in sight.


Taken from a misanthropist point of view this song spews the ideology of hatred for humanity and the sheer ignorance of the human race.

6. Casket Screams:

A claustrophobic and asphyxiating tale about being buried alive.

7. Spiritual Desolation:

This song is about body suspension and the desire to have an out-of-body experience. However, the experience goes horribly wrong and you realize there is only darkness and dismal emptiness on the other side.

8. Dead Body Clean Up:

Based on a soldier's task of cleaning up the dead after a long and gruesome battle. This song tells the traumatic story of a soldier executing his surviving enemies to construct a mass grave of heaping flesh.

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