Track By Tracks: Authentic Dissent - Rise Again (2022)

Our CD, “Gradually...Then Suddenly” was released by us in 2021. The central theme of the CD is an observation of how the U.S. Government has accumulated historic amounts of debt through continuous spending and how that will ultimately affect the lives of its citizens. The artwork is designed to portray the inevitable collapse of our standards of living.

Our goal was to write/perform about a serious topic without presenting as “preachy.” The album was recorded by the band along with expert guidance from our Producer. The vocalist and drummer appearing on the CD are no longer in the band.

1. Res Ipsa Loquitur:

Instrumental that opens the CD. The title is a Latin phrase introduced by Cicero that roughly translates to “The Thing Speaks For Itself.” This title was selected for 2 reasons: a.) It’s an instrumental, so it speaks for itself; and b.) The existence of our (United States) runaway Government spending is beyond dispute. It’s a fact of life that needs to be addressed. Who should do it and how it should be done is really the only question. The song ends with a simulated crowd uprising that serves as an introduction to the next track.

2. Gradually...Then Suddenly:

The centerpiece of the CD, this song highlights the danger of uncontrolled spending and how it will eventually affect our quality of life. The title is taken from “The Sun Also Rises” by Ernest Hemingway. This was the first song written for the CD.

3. The Weight Of The World:

This song focuses on the fact that the spending being done will have a direct impact on future generations. Leaving piles of debt behind us with a larger population, fewer employment opportunities (due to Artificial Intelligence), and less money for social services (due to more funds being needed to cover the debt & interest) is a recipe for disaster.

4. Survival Of The Fittest:

This song refers to what the future will look like and predicts that only those who adapt to changing circumstances will thrive in a new world. The title is taken from Charles Darwin’s “Origin Of The Species.”

5. Resolve:

The instrumental that closes the CD. This was written by our guitarist, Mike Osborn. The title was chosen by me and has 3 implications: a.) it “resolves” the album in a smooth, calm manner for the listener; b.) it reminds us that we (as a society) must show “resolve” in order to stay strong; and c.) it signifies the immense problem that we need to “resolve.”

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