Band Biographies: Super Monster Party

Super Monster Party is a video game-inspired Metal band from South Florida. Their albums consist of original songs based on classic games such as Altered Beast, Zelda, and many other retro titles with immersive storytelling in-between that places you, the listener, in the role of the "Champion" who must battle through video game worlds to save the realm of Permadeath from an unprecedented evil who is hell-bent on utter destruction. If that's not enough, the band also has their own playable video game titled "Permadeath" where you can play the story in real-time.

The Band is the concept of Singer / Songwriter, Rei Sega and features notable members Emilio Martinez (Ynwgie Maulsteem), Fernando Lemus (Lions at the Gate), Jsin Lee Gomez. And are co-produced by Matt Laplant (Non-Point, Ellefson, Saliva).

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