Track By Tracks: The Ironfist - Tyrant’s Return (2023)

In this fourth album, released by Sliptrick Records, The Ironfist treads upon the rebranded- reinvented path of Necro Wave of Blackened Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) and the themes portrayed in the album reflects the endless human struggle...depicted in sagas of the ancient past, some of which are familiar to most of us.

The following is a track by track guide to the sacrifices in the album:

1. Soothsayer - A Foreboding Prophecy:

As the begining of all great sagas, Soothsayer is the opening intro before the great battles ensues.

2. Tyrant's Return:

The title Tyrant's Return pays homage to the legendary Celtic Frost's (another great influence)- 'Emperor's Return' and is a revamp of The Ironfist classic- Tyrannical Adversaries (released in 2003).The Iron tyrant rises once more to bring the balance of good and evil..

3. Broken Shards of Time:

Past experiences be it good or bad are just lessons for the future..they are simply broken shards of time that we must either let go or learn from, but never dwell upon nor repeat.

4. Iron Conquered Victory:

The undying valor of warriors in battle, only in death does duty end.

5. Sword of Sonja:

Probably one of the greatest tales of vengeance as we all know, of a woman ravaged and stripped off all she has.. Many a times, vengeance can be a mighty fuel for success when all hope is lost. Highly inspired by Roy Thomas / Barry Windsor Smith's Red Sonja.

6. Where Blood Eagles Soar:

When punishment is due, neither royalties nor peasants are spared from the clutches of the Eagle of Justice..Based on the blood eagle ritual practiced by the early Scandinavian vikings.

7. Warrior- LBTF DBTF-(Live By The Fist Die By The Fist):

The journey to victory is a lonely road filled with perseverance, blood and tears...Nonetheless a worthy opponent deserves the utmost respect. Inspired by female muay thai fighter Diandra Martin (Australia)

8. Shadows Over Majapahit:

Internal conflict and greed are often the elements that bring down a matter how mighty the empire is. Based on the majestic javanese Majapahit Empire (1293–1527). The chorus sings- "Sirna Ilang Kertaning Bumi" meaning "the wealth of earth disappeared and diminished".

9. Eyes of The Usurper:

Weak rulers shall fall and pave way to the chosen one worthy to be on the throne!

10. Earthshaker:

Unrelenting vision, focus and strong will from just a single person can change the course of history. Purely dedicated to the Golden Horde of legendary Genghis Khan and the great Tamerlane the Earthshaker.

11. Empress Dethroned:

Of gender equality and the truest intentions of the heart. A noble empress besieged by power hungry males.

12. Tyrant's Livestock:

Aside from pillaging or plundering, sales of livestock is a popular trade.

13. Song To Hall Up High (Bathory cover):

Hail to Quorthon, Boss and Bathory for this masterpiece.

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