Behind The Artworks: Moonskin - Lunar Ascendence (2023)

The concept for the artwork was inspired by the work of Jakub Rozalski’s werewolf series. The essence it was trying to capture was that of someone broken down, enslaved by this powerful entity, fighting an internal struggle, battling duality: good vs evil, temptation vs restraint, the fight against an inner beast who is angry, with hatred for all, wishing to destroy.

Originally, a piece by Jakub was supposed to be used, but after several unsuccessful attempts at contacting him for licensing, an original piece was created. This was a blessing in disguise, as the piece created holds much more emotional appeal than the original idea.

The art consists of a surprisingly excessive layer count, with each tree, rock, and stone consisting of multiple sections. Even the fog has many many layered iterations at different transparencies to give it a greater depth. The artwork also carries heavy inspiration, from the beauty found in Skyrim.

The werewolf shadow originally had his hands in the air, but with the perspective of the shadow, this made it look comically familiar to Batman, and the hands-down version was used.

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