Track By Tracks: Moonskin - Lunar Ascendence (2023)

1. Subjugation and Oppression:

Subjugation and Oppression is a darker track that draws inspiration from bands like Rammstein, Lamb of God, and elements of metalcore. The subject matter delves into the themes of subjugation, oppression, war, and the distasteful human tendency and practice of a more powerful entity imposing its will on a weaker one. The lyrics are inspired by the concepts of global empire-building and the radicalized extreme ideologies of both the left and right, highlighting their attempts to impose their will on others. Subjugation and Oppression in essence is a look at the horrors of war, and a look at people who like to tell other people what to do.

2. Lunar Ascendence:

Lunar Ascendence, the EP’s title track (heavily inspired by In Flames and a tribute to their sound), is about the experience of a protagonist who, grievously injured, lies dying and near death is bathed by moonlight, and begins a lycanthropic transformation. The song describes the tantalizing, intoxicating power of transforming to a werewolf while fighting to retain one’s humanity. This is a metaphor for finding strength when you are broken down to your lowest point, and about the battle between the human and the animal, between logic and instinct, between the conscious and unconscious mind, and between temptation and restraint.

3. Altering The Entity:

Altering The Entity is a Gothenburg Sound style track with elements of In Flames and Dark Tranquility, and is about rebuilding one’s self stronger and becoming more powerful after hitting rock bottom. The song explores concepts of building a stronger, more powerful entity, manipulating one's surroundings to build a metaphorical empire (Think Palapatine), and revenge. The lyrics for this track are written and recorded by Moonskin and set to the melodic metal sound created by Myr.

4. Paranoid:

Paranoid is a cover of the classic Black Sabbath song but with a Megadeth-inspired twist. The Moonskin interpretation of the song takes a down-tuned, melodic approach. The cover was born out of experimentation and exploration of different rhythmic and melodic passages, purely for fun. It showcases the potential for musical versatility and opportunity presented in the original song and pays homage to influential melodic metal bands, all strictly for fun.

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