Behind The Scenes: Aetherial - Soulless (Official Video)

We record all of our videos for Aetherial; and with Soulless, much like the music, we wanted to create something that had a sense of space and freedom. The video was shot around our local area in South Australia and we were fortunate to have on at the time the “Harbour Lights” an outdoor festival of light which was part of Adelaide Illuminate Festival.
You can see in the video, snippets of these incredible art instillations made from light and neon that create this surreal, magical atmosphere - a beacon in the darkness almost like a waking dream. The colour in these also provides a fantastic contrast and visual relief to the darker more expansive solitary shots, where the night seemingly goes on forever. We tried to carry on this theme with just a glimmer of light (hope) even in those darker sequences, and it all tied in very nicely with the underlying vibe in Soulless.
The video was shot handheld on a Go pro and edited in our studio, which wasn't without its challenges and limitations especially being only amateur videographers!! Overall though, it’s something we really enjoy creating to accompany our music and video is another whole creative outlet to continue exploring.

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