Track By Tracks: Deimhal - The Grand Gathering (2023)

1. Alliance Of Winter:

The song tells the coming-of-age story of the night king who takes back his kingdom and leads his troops and his cursed allies to fight for the eternal darkness.

2. Ikuisen Kuoleman Kaipuu:

This Finnish language song is about a person who has grown up in the cold of the north and his childhood has been one battle. Growing up, he has hardened his shell and moved on to live with his dark thoughts. Excluded from society, he has come to love everything that is not generally accepted and has come to accept the fact that he is destined to worship darkness and the devil. Finally, his thoughts have led to the point where he just wants to fall into an eternal sleep and die from this world.

3. The Serpent King (Dumah-el):

The story of an ancient demon, an angel of death who is destroying the world and only by following him can everyone come to peace with their mind and find the real truth.

4. Vengeance of the Night Crows:

The kingdom of the cold north returns in this song. Sequel to Alliance Of Winter. The black ravens of the night take over the land, fighting, dealing the will of the king of darkness

In the battlefield of darkness, we rise Through the storms of death, we strike We will reign supreme In this fight As we unleash our unholy light.

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