Track By Tracks: F/E/A - Anti (2023)

1. Rodellar:

It was the first song we composed in this new stage. We wanted to offer a contained, luminous, atmospheric, and minimalist album opener. The name was chosen at random, but it turns out to correspond to a town in Aragon, Spain.
2. Corpus:

We composed this song during an artistic residency in an old convent, which is now occupied by a cultural association. It is a short song, with an apparently simple but well thought-out structure, with a slower middle section that leads to a faster and more direct ending.

3. Malpas:

It was another one of the first songs written in this new stage, and in this one, the weight of the song lies on the bass and drums, allowing the three guitars to explore different registers throughout the song.

4. 52:

We read somewhere that some pre-Columbian towns celebrated the end of the world every 52 years. We liked the idea that the end of the world repeats itself over and over again. In its middle part, our influences from more classic post-rock, like Mogwai or Explosions in the Sky, are reflected.

5. Orsini:

Orsini bombs were an essential material for anarchist terrorists in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. We found it to be an evocative name. The song is sustained by a very repetitive riff that allows for more atmospheric and hypnotic passages.

6. Atta boi:

It is our first single, and if it had lyrics, it would speak of submission and obedience. It is a derivation of the phrase "Atta boy". It starts with another repetitive and powerful riff that grows on a martial base of timpani and snare drum. Its final section leads to a climax of blast beats and a very post-black metal base, as we have done in some songs from previous albums.

7. Wata:

It was the last song we worked on and it originated from an improvisation. The song is an in-crescendo based on an arpeggio filled with effects; a guitar with an e-bow guides the listener towards a new climax in its final section. We titled the song as a small tribute to Wata, guitarist of Boris, who has always had a significant influence on the sound of the band.

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